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Hazeldean Brewing Co. has recently invested in 2 new fermentors for the brewery and would like to give our patrons this opportunity to be a part of the brewery.​ We will be accepting R1000 "donations" towards these fermentors for the brewery. your donations will buy you the following .A voucher for 40X500ml draughts of your choosing from the taproom/40 cans of our craft beer delivered to your door,free of charge,Your name engraved on one of the fermentors and an invitation to the grand unveiling of the new fermentors with your name engraved on it​. The individual with the most donations will be granted the power of naming the fermentor and its name will be engraved on a plaque and attached to the fermentor

Fermenter Crowdfunding

R1 000,00Price
  • -The Dontations will be Capped at R120 000

    -The name you choose for the fermenter may not contain any profanity or Racial slurs. Keep it PG13 people! We reserve the full right to decline a name or alias if it will negativle affect the brewery.

    -The Vouchers will be valid for 2 Years After your initial payment

    -We will keep in touch with any further information.

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